Let’s Talk About Our Internet Persona

Are you aware of the effect of the internet persona you’ve been building to your off-line life? I think I should really start to think about this. It does not matter if I am just another Instagram user, or even if you are a reputable social media user. I think it is time for us to understand that because of this, something unpleasant (or maybe the pleasant ones) might happen to our life.

It hits me hard when a girl that used to be my friend told me that I have no friends, and for that, she sees me as a pathetic person whose life is pathetic as well. She said that those are the reason why I eventually become a bitter person, while I still don’t understand how she could get up to that conclusion. I am still confused until today because at the same time, she told me that “….omg there she goes again commenting on MY action as if she knows about my life” (she actually said  that… yes). I, too, don’t understand why she asked me the question while she actually had assumptions towards my life. She should have known the answer.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to say is that my internet persona has been sturdily clung at me. I admit that I never plan to display myself and my life in certain ways on social medias, but I have made some patterns which I have done under my consciousness.

So, when did I start to realize that the patterns matter? It was when I fueled the fire by commenting my used-to-be-friend’s feeds. I chose twitter as the place to rant and it turned out that she responded my rants. It was fair enough, I guess, for her to judge me as a pathetic person since that was all she knew about me. That was what I have been unconsciously displayed on my social media accounts. That was my internet persona. Maybe.

However, in this era when everything is digitized, it is irrelevant to say that you don’t know a thing about my life; thus, you have to shut up and don’t give any comment about my life. How could we expect people to shut up when we are exposing our daily life through social media? What makes us so special that people are not allowed to give respond to the action that we have published on the internet?

Well, actually there are people who think that they are special. It is true that they are special if only we considered the prodigious number of followers they have on their social media accounts. Most of the followers, who mainly are teenagers, often give them special treatments as well. Even many of the followers worship the social media celebrity whom they follow. It’s insane.

For me no matter how much followers we have on our social media accounts, we should not think that we have privilege on running our accounts. I also think that I need to raise my awareness through whatever I say and do on my social media accounts because of my internet persona, the pattern that I have been made on social media, matters to my off-line life. I need to understand that my business that I share on the internet is no longer my business anymore. It becomes people’s business too, and I have to be more open to responses and critics. Well, it is more complicated for those who are pretty noteworthy on the internet, but the basics are all the same.

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