Basic Coffee Shop Etiquettes

Coffee shop is one of my favourite places on earth. As a postgrad student and writer, I sometimes need extra shots of caffeine and a quiet place to work. However, I don’t feel comfortable to stay in one coffee shop for too long without ordering the second cup of coffee or purchasing anything new for – at least – every two hours. Yes, coffee shop is comfortable, especially the ones that offer you interesting bargains.

However, we should remember that there are such thing as café/coffee shop etiquettes. Yes, they do exists! Although we hardly find any written rule about this, but there are certain things that we have to avoid. Yup, I did some mistakes but it was several years ago, and I don’t do the silly things any longer. So, if you have difficulties to find out the etiquettes, I’ll share them with you.


Please keep in mind that Wi-Fi, electricity, and space cost money. If you’re planning to sit for twelve hours, you need to buy more than one cup of coffee (for each head, not for each table). Be fair, especially when you’re staying at a small coffee shop and claim it as your favorite one. If you like the place, then you should be a supportive customer.


Just like you, other people who spend their time at coffee shops are usually looking for a convenient place to stay. No one forbids you to have fun, but keeping yourself from unnecessary noise is important in order to respect other customers. Why do you think that it’s cool to be extra loud? People don’t care about your business anyway.


Just because you are a customer, doesn’t mean you can be rude to the employees. Treat them with kindness for it costs nothing. Don’t forget to always say please and thank you whenever you need them to do something for you

The three points above are my version of basic coffee shop etiquettes. Furthermore, I really hope that this article help you to refine your coffee shop grace!

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